About Leuterio Realty & Brokerage

Image of Sir Anthony Leuterio

Anthony Gerard Leuterio

CEO / Founder


Is the country''s fastest growing brand in real estate service owned and managed by Realtor Anthony "Tonton" Leuterio. In less than five years since its inception, Leuterio Realty has emerged as the most-sought after brand in real estate agency and brokerage firm because of its real assets -- People.
To date, Leuterio Realty has already sold hundreds of inventories since 2008 from mass housing to high-end condominiums, to posh subdivisions and private properties.

Its passion to develop high performance agents, Leuterio Realty consistently received awards and recognitions for topping sales of developers for more than three years - an unparalleled record for a new corner in real estate agency.


Leuterio Realty has a network of licensed sales agents and brokers spread all over the archipelago all equipped with the knowledge, training, tools and ethical values to address the three pillars of real estate agency

  •    Determine the best possible value for their investment.

  •    To fairly and properly advice clients of the pros and cons of the property.

  •    To provide the needed assistance and client support to ensure smooth transfer and acquisition of property.

  •    How did Leuterio Realty and Filipino Homes achieve such solid results in less possible time? - "OUR AGENTS"

Our Vision & Mission


We envision to lead the change in Philippine Real Estate industry by adhering to, and faithful observance of, strict ethical and professional standards in order to give the best possible service to its clients, to its colleagues, and the rest of the property sector's value chain.


Leuterio Realty believes in its people and their potential. We strive to harness everyone in the team by providing the knowledge, tools, motivation and values so they may become effective not only in their chosen profession but also in life.